Hardly Art

24. Currently pursuing an MFA in Studio Art.

"I’m Trying Really Hard To Be Here"

Jillian Browning, 2014

Outdoor installation at Litchgate Park Tallahassee, FL

cotton fabric, cotton rope, and wooden clothespins

"You Are Pretty For A Fat Girl"

Jillian Browning, 2014

A performance about the unsolicited remarks about my appearance that I have received from men since I hit puberty.

Recorded live at Smalls gallery.

"Black Hair Ain’t Black"

Jillian Browning, 2014

A performance about the pressure one feels within their own race to fit into the stereotypical physical ideals of how society says their race should look.

"This Is Not Post Black"

Jillian Browning, 2014

Post-black art is a phrase that refers to a category of contemporary African American art. It is a paradoxical genre of art where race and racism are intertwined in a way that rejects their interaction. I.e., it is art about the black experience that attempts to dispel the notion that race matters. It uses enigmatic themes wherein black can substitute for white.Some suggest the term is attributable to the 1995 book The End of Blackness by Debra Dickerson. ~ From Wikipedia

This piece is about the struggle of wanting to disconnect myself from the term “Black Art” To figuratively or literally white wash myself and my artwork in order to appeal to a wider audience and more easily associate with the commercial art world while still wanting to hold on to my culture. To me, terms like “Post Black” are inherently self hating and make black artists feel like they can not make work about being black without being labeled a “Black Artist”. This piece is a push and a pull. This is about a personal step forward and a  reluctant step back.

from the series “A Soft Human Impersonating Hard Stone.”

Jillian Browning, 2013

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